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Whistler Bot is a XMPP bot with MUC (multi-user-conference) support, easy to extend, written in python, using SleekXMPP.

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Whistler Bot

Whistler Bot is an XMPP bot written in python using SleekXMPP_, which is
a requirement. The bot is designed to handle some commands, and it is easy to

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Simple usage:

.. code-block:: bash

  $ whistler  myconfig.conf

Create bot programmatically:

.. code-block:: python

    from import WhistlerBot
    bot = WhistlerBot( "", "mypassword" )

.. _SleekXMPP:

Extending bot
You can extend the bot functionalities, just see for example the code of the
whistler console script. In short you can add commands creating a new class
from WhistlerBot, and define new functions in the form ``cmd_<command>`` plus the
command name, for example, to handle the command *ping*.

.. code-block:: python

    from import WhistlerBot
    class MyBot(WhistlerBot):
        def cmd_ping(self, msg, args):
            return "pong"

Example chat

.. image:: doc/source/_static/whistler_screenshot.png
  :align: left
  :alt: An example of chat with Whistler

Whistler allows to send private commands in usual jabber (and of course
GTalk and Google Hangouts) chat.

Also public commands are available, prefixed them with "!" (exclamation mark),
as also reply to a direct mention in the form "whistler:" or "whistler,", where
"whistler" is the nickname of the bot in the MUC::

    (Me) whistler: uptime
    (whistler) 17:33:01 up 2 days, ...

Currently Whistler support a number of features, including tweet from
command, shorting url action and so on...

You can see the mixins_ directory to see a number of examples for whistler
and how easy is to extend.

.. _mixins:


Any new mixin or functionality is welcome to Whistler. If you has been
developed new one or want new feature, please `send me a message` or a `pull

.. _`send me a message`:
.. _`pull request`:


If you find any error in the code or incorrect behaviour, please do not hesitate to report me at ajdiaz+whistler at

The mainstream code is keep under git control, you can clone as usual:

git clone git://

Also you can open a issue in github mirror.

Andrés J. Díaz <ajdiaz at>.
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